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The Island Resilience Partnership is built upon GridMarket’s platform – the Republic of Palau’s chosen vehicle for achieving climate mitigation and climate adaptation goals.


GridMarket was honored to have been one of seven companies invited by the SDG Action Campaign to showcase its solutions for helping the world achieve the Sustainable Development Goals during COP23 in Bonn, Germany. CEO Nick Davis highlighted the public-private partnership in Palau and how the IRP represents a scalable model for small island developing states around the world.


GridMarket aggregates data points such as climate and weather, energy costs, energy use, local laws, subsidy programs, and physical characteristics of sites in order to automate renewable energy and microgrid recommendations for evaluated projects and properties. Utilizing GridMarket’s data-based platform, the IRP helps governments and island stakeholders achieve energy goals, measure their progress, and demonstrate how – and to what extent – they’ve made an impact. It’s critical that nations are not only supported in their efforts to address the Sustainable Development Goals, but given the tools to effectively quantify their impact.